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WARNING: THIS STORY CONTAIN ADULT CONVENTS INCLUDING THE SEX. I just wanted to REMIND every1 i don’t support sexes outside of marriage srsly girls (and guys) its so much more specail to wait for that ~someone~ so that s why harry ad janis don’t do that kind of thing until after their married. i will point out the difference between them and everybody else who do it :))<3

“what this thing?” harry asked me with curious as he looked at the blue potion that was in my hands in a cauldron.

“Harry this potion is magical!”  I is saying happily.  It was will make you a MAN” i blushed and giggled demoorely behind my hand like a modest girl. “if you know what i mean”

them eyebrows were lines. “Ohhh you mean….’

“That’s right” i chuckled “This aging potion will age you until you are 18.”

“WOAH!” he was surprise!! “Will this really working do you think?”

“It will;; the libaery book said so” I told him excitedle “And you can always trust a book that you read to tell you the truth.”

“JaNIS” he looked into my eyes “does this mean that……………………… you and I…………… can be………. TOGEHTHRWT?”

…I…. didn’t answer to him but my hitomi filled with sparkling namidas of feeling. he took it from my hands and began to drink the aging potion in one great gulp that he swallowed. I watched with baited breathes. At first noting happen and than….. sudenly!

Thr fist thing I noticed whenthe transform smoke cleared was that Harry had become hot young man!! His shoulderes were wide enough for me to hug and still have some shoulder left (I like mens with strong shoulders lol) and his neck and chin had some manly stubble on them but not in a gross creepy way, it was sexy!!!! Harrys face had became much more handsome and manly. One of his ears were pierced and it had  a little manly earring on it. I noticed that he ahad a tattoo  of an ancient trabila looking design on his arm now and it made him look tough and stronf! Also he had muscles but they were soft and lean and weren’t huge and gross but also sexy. His hair was longer and flapped in the breeze a little bit (so kakoii but where did the breeze come from?) but his eyes were just the same: they were still the emerald orbs of HarrY Potter. I swooned a little from the smexy!

So I looked down at his chest (his shirt had come off because it was too small) nd I saw that he had nipple piercing that was a tiny charm shaped like a little green apple. On his pec (lol pec) he had a tatooo that was a heart wit a message in it that said HARRY + JANIS and I swooned more! His chest had a little manly hair on it and I wanted  to pet it like you petted a puppy so I did. I looked down some more and his pants were off too because they were too small toobut he had his underwear on, lol. He had nice abs! his underwear was boxers

that were orange with pink nd yellow stripes on them like the underwear a true diffelgrist would wear and it made my kokoro swell with pride and happy feeling! I saw the outline of his thingie a little bit but I was modest and I didn’t stare!!!! Then I looked down at his sexy legs and they also had some muscles like he workd out a lot but not too much because big muscles are creepy but his were just right. <3

he had tattoos down one leg that looked like saguaro blossoms but the real kind and not the enchanted kind that killed my parents and I was glad he didn’t get a tatoo of the ones that killed my partents because that would have made me sad. His leg tattoo reminded me of bein back home in Nippon. His legs were a lil harry but that was okay because all guys have harry legs and sometimes mine could get harry if I forgot to shave for a realy long time (I don’t! lol)

but I also wanted to pet it like petting a puppy beacause the hair looked kind of soft for leg hair. I looked doen at his feet but they were just feet, how can feet be sexy? But his feet WE’RE kind if sexy in a weird kind of way and at least his toenails weren’t gross. I looked him up and down and up and down and up and down and swooned form the sexy again!

“Janos, are you allright?” he looked over with his face real close in concerns and his breathe hot on my face and i sigh with strange feeling’s all of the sudden like sodden i knew what i wanted 2 do

and as if he was knowing what it was suddenly…...


we got married at Hogwarts two hours later

i Cried it was the happiest day of my life because, thinking, because this could have never happened to I, Janis Jadeapple…. and now being Janis Jadeapple Potter that I became. we were all smileing happy and wave and eveybody of our feinds was there. even the squid came out of lake to wish us the happy.

“and now Janis jeadeapple Pottrt, now youknow what we have to do” sighed harry potter Jadeapple and then he said it in a sexy way and  knew that he actually menant it snexy instead of kidding   <3

We ewr in the dufflegritst common room and the door was alocked and ewe ewer ALONE~

Harrpyotter careful picked me up and tookm me over to the bed,. The commn room was very nice and made a new bed especial for us. It was a huge bed that was really soft and ocmfy and had 6 osters instead of 4 and a huge capony made of the finest ssilks and stains ad they were in the difffel grist colord. The capony had lost of glitter that soft rained down whenever we moved on the bed which was a lot but the gliter wads enchanted so it diappeared after a few minutes and left our skin feeling soft and silky fresh.

He polite ripped into my bodice. With my permission of course (NOT RAPE!!!!) then he started kissing all over my face and he threw the bodice over his shoulter out the widnow and it fell splat on someone face I didn’t see who but they sounded kind of mad lol.

I cry O HARRY as I put me arms arund him and gazd into his eye. And he looked into me just as I was like look into hism and he had a roze b/w his teeth. It was red. The rose of passin! I gasped. He spat it into my face and the patals settled into my eyelashes and hair. It was so mromantic. I gasped. There was I noticed just then there candles around the bed that lit themseges. It rly set the mood if you know what I mean ;).

We were doing it an then the door handle shook and we were worrie! We were pulling the fabric on out bed shut like a giant curten and then the doop oppaned and it was only another dufelgristwhos name we didn’t know. They saw us and we frozen like deer in the headlights, but they sshrugged and went to the back corner of the room and klaid down on the floor because wee took the only bed. Suddelyn I felt bad.

“hey you can sleep in this bed, it’s big enough for all of os.” I said with timid and then they said “ok, sure,” and I piulled the bedsheet over my and harrys heads because we were odest and then the duffelgrist climbed in with us and then the door opened and then morer dufelgrists came in and they were tired form the night of partying so they all got into the bewith harrypotterjandeapple and I. it was kind of silly, but then I heard some of them doing it like harry and I were doing it a few minutes before, and tat the same time so there was a lto of gliter falling from the capony.

The bed was rocking back and froth like a ship on a great lak. It was amazing…… how they dudnt paid atenitons to us the hole time!. Embrassed, shock,d and moistd, I look across my hand at the ring that I wrore. Not the engajgmint ring rom harry gave me nor that the wendigo ring but the other thing---- the third rING that hada simbolised to me all that I beleafed in… the ring of MY PURITY.

It was a gold rign with some silver and gold. There was writgn on the isnide and oun the outside too! On the itside it said REMEMBER… JANIS. And on the outside it said some writing too but really tiny and said VERIDIS QWO but I coudlnt read it becuse I did not Latin because I wasn’t from Mexicoo. The ring was sliver wirt a alittle gold on it and writng. It had a small ston in the centre that wus greene as an apple of JADE and matched HARRY’s eyes and also mine. I looked DEEP into Harrypaois eeeyes and I saw his love…….. for me. It was pure heavunely BLISS. I was so happy I bearly notice the other popple in the bed with us, I loked over harrys broad manly shoulder and saw Hormoney with Malofy and I was surprise because I dodnt even SEE the m COME IN. and hermion gave me a double thumbsup and went back to what tey were do.

Suddenl I was overcome with emoshions! I was so didssappoint. How could they be doing the sex! When not even marryed! Harry and I were DIFFERETN and MARRIED (so it was ok) but THEY were do a sin!

Suddenlytl the door smamemd open and inside came the redhaired loser kid who loked like a loser and he had a bodiuce on his head and he looked really angry, but then he looked in at the bed and then e saw hermoine and I saw his heart break right in fropmt of my eyes! His heart f=droped out of eihs chest and hit the grund with a KERPKLUNKSPLAT” and literally rolld across the floor under the bed (metaphiricceally, of course b/c hearts don’t do that) and then trears cam to his eyes and he ran out of the room crying but he missed the door because the tears in his eyes were too vlurry., and he fell put of the windown with ba SPLAT and that was that.

OOoooh OOOOH OOOOOHHHHH said the dufelgrists, and some of them ran tot the windown(withous shets even! WHERES YOUR MODESTY GUYS) and they looked out to see the loser redhead kid. “yea hell be ok” one of them said and then they all glombed into the bed with us to continue making the sex.  

Then suddenly the door opoen again andf it was the girl with the box of bees. She looked at us nd turned around and walked oput an the bees followed.
HOGWRTAS ValentiNTines Day Sexxy Omake!!!
hi i Weite an omake that captures the ROMANCE~~~~ between harry and Janis but its a little Sexy so if you dont like don't read!!!!
((but poz read it i workd hard on it nd its ROMANTCI!!!)


same as above lol
Artist | Digital Art
United States
hiiiiii! :)) My names Ashuri (u can call me ashuli as well but not ashley b/c it's a stupid name and Ashuri is way cooler) im not telling u my age b/c it's creepy for u to want to know, but im old enough to be on here.

OI like to write fanfics for lots of thigns, esp with my oc Janis, whos really cool!

I REALLY LIKE: to be hyperactve and random lol. fanficion. anime. tv. pizza. candy. sugar (which makes me super---hyper XDDD). and my lord and savior Jesus. :heart:

I DONT LIKE: jerks. ppl who are mean to me. ppl what hate anime or fics. sakura haruno (shes so stupid seriusly). bullies. whiners. facebook (so many problems with working ;_;;;;;)

Alsways remember youre beautiful!!!

Current Residence: USA!
Favourite genre of music: POP and JAPANESE and Japanese pop is the best!
Favourite style of art: anime but I also like photography
Operating System: computer
MP3 player of choice: ipod!
Join me at duffelgristparty nd follow me!

Also i have my acount so follwme there if you dont already………

Friedn me on tumbrl anf, okay???
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